Browsing through the wet market

Cao An is one of the largest wet markets in Shanghai. Here you can buy everything from veggies and fruits to meat, seafood and freshly made noodles.

Well, well, let me tell you folks … shopping at a shanghainese wet market is slightly different from shopping food stuff in my native Sweden, where these things are subject to very stringent laws concerning food safety and hygiene.

But sometimes, I can’t help but wonder. Is the food at one of the super-clean supermarkets I frequent at home really that more wholesome and nutritious than at a market like this? Well, I dunno. But i DO know that the veggies and fruits certainly look much more newly picked and fresher. And that they smell more mouth-watering, too.

Oh, all these fresh veggies. But I can imagine that after a hectic work day at Cao An, veggie selling kinda wears you out.

Ginger and garlic. Two staple ingredients in Chinese quisine.

Some serious bargaining going on here. I bet the lady sporting the exquisite hat is buying in loads for a restaurant.

Leek. Goes with anything. Almost.

By the way, returning to the garlic theme…if you are a little lazy, you don’t have to buy a whole garlic, instead, you can opt for the cloves solution…

A Pigeon for your next Gala dinner, maybe?!?!

Freshly made noodles in all kinds of shapes.

Selling mouth-watering fruits can of course be just as tiring as selling squeaky-fresh veggies…

Oh, watch out! Here comes the meat man!

And here we have the handsome gentlemen who …well, I dunno… take care of the meat.

Don’t ask me what the shoes are doing on this table.

Frogs, anyone?

Quite a cheerful mood going on at the fish and seafood section today!

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