Shanghai, Hongkou district

Hongkou district is one of my favourite parts of Shanghai. Here, you get a feel for what the rest of this city was like 10-20 years ago. Somewhat more dirty, more disorganized – and more Chinese.

In 5-10 years, I think a great deal of Hongkou will resemble the rest of downtown Shanghai’s showpieces. More glitzy and (ultra)modern.

I went on a stroll through Hongkou a couple of days ago. It was on a rainy day – but rain happens to be my favourite weather. When it rains, everything turns more solemn, more silent. Under an umbrella, people reveal their true faces. In Shanghai and elsewhere.

To have someone to hold on to when the sky is grey and it is pouring down – that is a true blessing.

Zhapu lu (road). No cars allowed. Scooters, on the other hand…and a  helluva lot of them, too!

A classical, old-fashioned Shanghai lane. Who knows how long it will survive.

Ummm….and what exactly is happening here?!?!  (Well, to be honest, I got the impression that this gentleman was about to transport the dashing silvery guy to someone who needed him better….)

Waiting for the rain to end.

Well, by all means, cheers everyone!

Yes, public newspapers mounted on walls still exist in China. And they are well read – even in the pouring rain.

Well, in weather like this…why not do like everyone else and seek shelter at one of the street food stalls at Tanggu Lu wet market….

On the other hand, some people just don’t have time to mind the weather…like here, on Middle Sichuan Road.

Five minutes after I took the above photo, the sky actually cleared up. And these guys, transporting old office chairs on their bikes, took some time out to rest and admire the view. Good for them.


5 thoughts on “Shanghai, Hongkou district

  1. Ohhhh,,,,am happy you like the pics 🙂 And it is true, it rains in a somewhat different way…cannot describe exactly how, but it is not like in Sweden.

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