Everything changes

Everything changes

Everything changes
…and with incredible speed
Here today, tomorrow gone
When you see that warm light
On those spring leaves…
The pain in that moment, it’s quickly passing…
oh, I know!
But don’t let it win
Take some time
A brief moment
And just enjoy.

(My thoughts on May 1, 2013)

Winter, south-Swedish style

This winter, I spent two weeks in my hometown Lund, southern Sweden, to celebrate Christmas and the New Year.

Despite what a lot of non-Swedish people think, snow is not abundant all over the country in the winter! In the South, the temperatures tend to hover around 0 degrees Celsius at that time of year.

But a couple of days after my arrival, my neighborhood was covered with a delicate light white layer …which soon disappeared again.

Here are some of my impressions. The last two pictures are taken on a beautifully foggy day at Rögle Dammar, a bit outside of Lund.

Enjoy 🙂







Lately, I’ve taken a fancy to out of focus photography (some call it “soft focus”)

Here are som impressions of dusk in my neighbourhood – Xujing Town, Shanghai, P.R. China.

Enjoy 🙂




Bauhaus-wannabee in the hinterlands

Some days ago, I visited JSWB Furniture Center, not far from my home in the shanghainese hinterlands. It was not to buy furniture, though. I have driven by the center before, saying to myself “I must to go there and photograph some day…”

JSWB is an absolutely huge place, that I would classify as “chinese grandeur tries to go Bauhaus”. It’s almost devoid of human life and has “Für Elise” blaring out of loudspeakers both in the buildings and outside.

In other words, formidably fascinating. At least for me 😉

Enjoy my pictures.















It’s complicated (relationships: the miniversion)

Can I tell you my story? Confide in you?

Well…it’s complicated, you see…

But still, I hold on. Yes, I do. I hold on.




New Town Central Park

There is this park in Shanghai, New Town Central Park, nothing special about it really, but the more I’m out and about with my camera, the more I realize that finding interesting things to photograph is not very much about where you are – it is about you, and your ability to see things.

So I visited this park on a very hot and humid August afternoon. These are some of my impressions.

Enjoy 🙂

What once was

I’ve spent the summer in my native Sweden, and one of the most enjoyable things I did was spontaneous road trips around the countryside, armed with my camera.

Now Sweden is a beautiful place, and I shot some very nice views…but as you who follow this blog may have noticed, nice views are not my favorite photo objects. I am much happier if I find and manage to shoot deserted houses and amusement parks, strange shadows on walls, desolate roads and stuff like that 😉

One day I found this deserted farm house very near my Swedish home. It was a totally fascinating place, but also kind of eerie and very sad, because of looting and grave decomposition. What I chose to photograph was details and views that I still found beautiful

Enjoy my images.