Jinshan Beach, October 2011

Today, hubby, daughter and me drove down from Shanghai, where we live, to Jinshan Beach. It was such a lovely day; temps around 20 degrees, sunshine and blue skies. We were definitely not the only ones enjoying a day out at the sea. Lots of smiling faces all around at the waterfront … parents and grandparents enjoying seeing the young ones playing in the sand, taking shoes and socks off to feel the water and indulging in some ice cream … young lovers holding hands and gazing into the horizon – and last, but not least – all that wedding photography going on1 Taking pics of wedding photo shoots is one of my favourite motives here in China. The couples are so cute, in all possible outfits.

Enjoy the pics.

Well OK. We promise to be good.

I dunno how many happy couples we encountered, having their wedding pics taken. But it sure was a lot of them.

In China, you are in no way obligated to wear white for your wedding pics. And personally, I am a sucker for cheerful colours like these.

Clearly feeling beautiful and happy!

Gotta love this wedding photographers hat, no?

In love. Oh yes.

OK, and now for the very final touch….

This photo makes me think of The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen. Except The Little Mermaid is all alone. This girl clearly has somebody pursuing her!

If you aren’t getting hitched yourself, you can always enjoy watching those who are about to tie the knot … (wedding photo sessions attract big crowds in China)

“OK let’s go tell mom that we wanna buy some of these freaky plastic crayfish!”

Having a dashing family photo taken against the blue sea.

“Hey dad, let’s see how far down I can dig!”

Enourmously proud granddad haven his pic taken with the precious little one. So sweet!

And of course mom has her pic taken with the cutiepie too….

Three girls collaborated to take a pic of this guy. I bet he was flattered!

At Jinshan Beach, you can also learn how to sail, like these two youngsters.

I have to say that is was very refreshing to get out of the hustle and bustle and everyday stress of hectic Shanghai, and having the oppurtunity to see all these city dwellers so at ease and peace at the waterfront. A new and very nice chinese experience for me.


4 thoughts on “Jinshan Beach, October 2011

  1. Oh what wonderful photos and … I fully understand too … that you and your daughter had a wonderful time leaving Shanghai for a day in the sun. As a curiosity My father lived and worked in Shanghai some years in the 40-ties. Before Mao.

    I agree, the weddingphotograph´s hat really is something !!!


    • Happy you like my pics 🙂
      Wowowow, your father must have had some interesting stories to tell about his time in Shanghai…don’t now if you are aware of it, but some time ago, SVT broadcasted this excellent documentary called “Ett hus i Shanghai”, about the life in a luxury apartment building here during the “golden years” here, before the Mao-era, and also depicting what happened to the residents after that….the owners, the people who rented the apartments, and those who worked in the house….

  2. Haha, skylten är för härlig. Om jag får komma med ett litet önskemål, så vore det roligt med fler skyltar (roliga, konstiga etc) här, för skyltar är så roliga många gånger.

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