This is me



I’m Annie, an enthusiastic hobby photographer, also a writer, freelance translator, trailing spouse and mother.

I left my native Sweden in 2003, due to my husband being relocated to Seoul, South Korea. We (hubby, daughter and me) spent four years in this wonderful city. After that, we lived in Düsseldorf, Germany, for two years, and in Mumbai, India, for one year. We now reside in Shanghai.

I have three blogs: the first one circles around expat musings from a Swedish perspective ( It is written in Swedish. The second blog is a writer’s blog (also in Swedish), about the joys and pains of…well, of writing and trying to get a novel published.

This, my third blog, will be dedicated to photography, which for me almost is as fun as writing. I shoot with a Panasonic G3.

I hope you will enjoy this blog, and my pictures.


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