Somewhere in the French Concession

The French Concession is a much preferred part of Shanghai for street photographers. And I definitely understand why – there’s always something interesting going on here, and lots of fascinating architecture too.

A couple of weeks ago, I had some time to kill, so I went to the FC with my camera.

Here are my pics. Enjoy πŸ™‚

I am Tailor, but I am not in.

And then – he went away.

Two sudden bursts of colour,

Now let’s all get in a cheerful mood despite this horrible shanghainese winter chill, shall we?

Some more colour to ward off winter weariness.

Some down-time. On her own, watching the ways of the world.


Stilleben 2.

Stilleben 3.

Anyone want to buy porcelain? If not, we’ll just continue our delightful chat.

Hey grandma, watch it!

Welcome to Xujing, part 2


Yesterday was a biting cold but also very beautiful day with blue skies and sunshine here in Shanghai. I biked out into my neighbourhood again and this time chose the eastern parts of Xujing, near the metro station East Xujing. This area is mostly fields and industries, but new residential complexes are popping up. So there is a lot of construction work going on.

I let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy πŸ™‚















Around People’s Square on a rainy day

On Monday this week, I had planned to explore People’s Square and its surroundings. Well, Monday morning came – and it rained like crazy. Also, my stomach was not well (probably due to pain killers I started to take for tendonitis).

So what do I do? I go anyway. Of course! Because I know how intriguing Shanghai can look in foggy, rainy weather. I also know that there are plenty of public toilets around, should I need one πŸ˜‰

Here are a couple of pictures. Enjoy πŸ™‚

Tomorrow Square with raindrops falling on the camera lens.

Thumbs up for green light.

Shanghai, we soon have a lift-off.

Lady in pinkish purple was standing on the pedestrian bridge for a long time, happily chatting away on her phone – in the middle of the pouring rain.

Different shades of grey.Β I found it kind of cute that the fountain was turned on in this weather.

Well I don’t know what to say about this picture really, except that I like it. That multitude of white birds in the trees … comforting or menacing?

Small rainbow against greyishness.

Red lanterns and a cheery tune. Just what you need on a day like this.

Last shot this day, taken through the car window, going home.

Welcome to Xujing

I live in the town of Xujing, in the western suburbs of Shanghai. Here, you can still find a piece of rural life amidst flashy villa compounds and office high rises. This Saturday, a beautiful winter day with mild temperatures, sunshine and a blue sky, I took a long bike ride in the neighbourhood. And here are some of the pictures I took.

Enjoy πŸ™‚

Little doggy. Curious and actually quite eager to be photographed.

Greenhouse, earth and sky.

View from a bridge.

View from a road onto other roads. And water.

Resting boat.

In a couple of months, these fields will be even greener.

Stilleben with old bridge, sky and power line. Kind of powerful, me thinks.

Somebody must be missing a slipper.

Well, well. All is well that ends well. Or something like that.

A winter day at Hangzhou West Lake

Yesterday, hubby, daughter and I went to Hangzhou to check out the West Lake area. As could be expected, we were not the ony ones who chose to spend a sunny afternoon here, in the middle of the Chinese New Year Holiday.

Even if it was crowded, we had a lovely time at the West Lake. It is a very beautiful place, and I think we will go back in spring.

Enjoy my pictures πŸ™‚

Beautiful shades of blue.

My little Panasonic is actually very talented when it comes to taking pics under impossible light conditions πŸ˜‰

I get happy every time I look at this picture. Mom and son are so cute posing for the camera!

Sightseeing boat arriving to the shore.

Sometimes I just get lucky while photographing. I mean, look at how the dad in this picture seems to grow out of the tree. If I had taken the picture two seconds later, it would probably have been a nice picture, but not quite as intriguing.

These girls asked this guy (whom they didn’t know) to take their picture. Of course he obliged. I like the girls poses, but also his πŸ˜‰

This guy actually got in my way when I was taking a picture. But that made it so much better, because he fits right in, doesn’t he? I like his proud pose, he seems to know he and the pagoda, water, sky and mountains fit so well together.

Pretty photo op.

Red, blue, white.

Some quiet time in the park next to the sea front.

Very well fed cats.

Studying the gold fish in the pont. The gold fish were very well-fed too, I have to say.

Makes you slightly uneasy, no?

Well. For the last couple of days, I’ve been looking through and thinking a lot about pictures I have taken that have some kind of eeriness about them. There is probably something very wrong with me, but I get really happy and elated when I manage to capture something that is just ever so slightly disturbing. Or something really freaky. It puts a big smile on my face.

Here are a bunch of pics that fits the theme “slightly uneasy”. The first one is my very favourite, but I like the other ones too (otherwise I wouldn’t have posted them here, duh!).

Enjoy πŸ™‚

Chaos and order. (And notice how the ship to the left resembles a spy … like a periscope, discreetly peering at us). Photo taken outside Cool Docks, Shanghai.

Mixed messages. (Photo taken in my hometown of Lund, Sweden)

Here you shall sit and enjoy the ambiance. Another picture from Lund.

Sledge-hammer action in Lund.Β 

Deserted old bank building, Shanghai.

Same deserted bankbuilding, Shanghai.

At Cao’An Wet Market, Shanghai.

Shanghai Old City

The most ancient part of Shanghai, today called Shanghai Old City, used to be surrounded by a defense wall, which was erected in the 11th century. Yu Garden, the theme of the entry below, lies within this part of the city.

Today me and a friend took a stroll through a different part of the old city – a part that showed us how Shanghai used to look like “in the good old days”. This neighbourhood is quite run down, and up for demolishing. But – as one of the locals told us – the government doesn’t have the means to tear all of it down, because if they do, they are obligated to give the residents new apartments somewhere else – and that would mean giving A LOT of people new homes at one time.

Meanwhile, life goes on in a very vibrant way in this small corner of Shanghai.

Enjoy my pictures πŸ™‚

Lots of veggies being sold and bought … especialla now when the Chines New Year is upon us …

… and why not some sausages, to add to the festive mood?

Granny going home with her greens.

Just your average guy with a turtle.

Well I’m sure this will be delicious once it is … finished.

Plastic chair. Somewhere.

Pondering life’s great mysteries. Or maybe why the price of eggs went up again.

In and around Yu Garden Bazaar

Some time ago, I visited the Yu Garden Bazaar here in Shanghai. Yu Garden is Shanghai’s most famous classical garden, and it is surrounded by a big market area that seems to cater mostly to Chinese tourists. It is always packed with people – in other words a nice photo spot!

Before going home, I took a short walk in the area surrounding Yu Garden. Nothing “special” there, just ordinary Shanghai life with everyday people. For me, just as interesting.

Enjoy my pictures πŸ™‚

Oldish and newish.

Roofs reaching for the sky.

Uh-oh. Wouldn’t want to mess with these guys…

Proud grandma πŸ™‚

A room with a view.

Enjoying the paper and the sun.

Ahhh. The classical Shanghai pyjama for outdoor use. Albeit without Hello Kitty. But I guess HK isn’t really a guy thing…

Waiting. It seems.

Granny quietly crocheting away.

Phoning in between phones.


Yesterday me and my camera went for a walk around the Jing’An Temple area here in Shanghai. I didn’t have any big plans, was just hoping to find some interesting motives along the way.

After about two hours, I was really cold and somewhat disappointed. I hadn’t being able to shoot any pictures that made me feel “wow!”

But…when I came home, and went through the photos, I realized that there were some I really liked after all. And some of these even formed a theme – namely “Colours”.

Here are the pictures, for you to see. Enjoy πŸ™‚

The last picture kind of sticks out from the rest. Focus is not on one, bright colour – it is more about colour shades…

The enchanted forest

On New Year’s Eve, I visited the golf course and nature reserve Kungsmarken, a few kilometres from my hometown Lund in Sweden. The temperature had been very mild throughout the week, up to 10 degrees Celsius. But on the last day of 2011, it dropped to around zero. That, combined with the dampness in the air, created thick fog and a dreamy, fairytale-like atmosphere I thoroughly enjoyed.

Enjoy my pictures.







EDIT: when thinking about, the picture below doesn’t really fit in with the rest, in terms of ambience. It kind of tells a different story. (Also, it is not taken IN the “enchanted forest” itself. I shot it while leaving the parking lot.) But…I chose to publish it here anyway, because…well, just because I like it.