At the fish market

This week I visited the big fish market right by Zhenru subway station here in Shanghai. I do love fish and seafood, but when visiting a market, I am equally interested in the people who work and shop there 😉

Enjoy my pics 🙂

Very fresh indeed.

This lady got a good, full catch at the market today…

Ready to be handled, 1.

Ready to be handled, 2.

Some fun at your workplace you should have!

Salmon and such.

Happy face! Mom is on lunch break and I get to spend time with her 🙂

Makes my mouth water.

Waiting for customers.

Not a very happy face.

On display.

Goofing off with friends is always nice…

… some, however, totally focus on explaining to presumtive customers why their shop is the best in the whole market!

Ohhhhh, I should have bought. But, then again, I can always go back…

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