A winter day at Hangzhou West Lake

Yesterday, hubby, daughter and I went to Hangzhou to check out the West Lake area. As could be expected, we were not the ony ones who chose to spend a sunny afternoon here, in the middle of the Chinese New Year Holiday.

Even if it was crowded, we had a lovely time at the West Lake. It is a very beautiful place, and I think we will go back in spring.

Enjoy my pictures 🙂

Beautiful shades of blue.

My little Panasonic is actually very talented when it comes to taking pics under impossible light conditions 😉

I get happy every time I look at this picture. Mom and son are so cute posing for the camera!

Sightseeing boat arriving to the shore.

Sometimes I just get lucky while photographing. I mean, look at how the dad in this picture seems to grow out of the tree. If I had taken the picture two seconds later, it would probably have been a nice picture, but not quite as intriguing.

These girls asked this guy (whom they didn’t know) to take their picture. Of course he obliged. I like the girls poses, but also his 😉

This guy actually got in my way when I was taking a picture. But that made it so much better, because he fits right in, doesn’t he? I like his proud pose, he seems to know he and the pagoda, water, sky and mountains fit so well together.

Pretty photo op.

Red, blue, white.

Some quiet time in the park next to the sea front.

Very well fed cats.

Studying the gold fish in the pont. The gold fish were very well-fed too, I have to say.


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