Shanghai Old City

The most ancient part of Shanghai, today called Shanghai Old City, used to be surrounded by a defense wall, which was erected in the 11th century. Yu Garden, the theme of the entry below, lies within this part of the city.

Today me and a friend took a stroll through a different part of the old city – a part that showed us how Shanghai used to look like “in the good old days”. This neighbourhood is quite run down, and up for demolishing. But – as one of the locals told us – the government doesn’t have the means to tear all of it down, because if they do, they are obligated to give the residents new apartments somewhere else – and that would mean giving A LOT of people new homes at one time.

Meanwhile, life goes on in a very vibrant way in this small corner of Shanghai.

Enjoy my pictures 🙂

Lots of veggies being sold and bought … especialla now when the Chines New Year is upon us …

… and why not some sausages, to add to the festive mood?

Granny going home with her greens.

Just your average guy with a turtle.

Well I’m sure this will be delicious once it is … finished.

Plastic chair. Somewhere.

Pondering life’s great mysteries. Or maybe why the price of eggs went up again.

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