In and around Yu Garden Bazaar

Some time ago, I visited the Yu Garden Bazaar here in Shanghai. Yu Garden is Shanghai’s most famous classical garden, and it is surrounded by a big market area that seems to cater mostly to Chinese tourists. It is always packed with people – in other words a nice photo spot!

Before going home, I took a short walk in the area surrounding Yu Garden. Nothing “special” there, just ordinary Shanghai life with everyday people. For me, just as interesting.

Enjoy my pictures 🙂

Oldish and newish.

Roofs reaching for the sky.

Uh-oh. Wouldn’t want to mess with these guys…

Proud grandma 🙂

A room with a view.

Enjoying the paper and the sun.

Ahhh. The classical Shanghai pyjama for outdoor use. Albeit without Hello Kitty. But I guess HK isn’t really a guy thing…

Waiting. It seems.

Granny quietly crocheting away.

Phoning in between phones.


6 thoughts on “In and around Yu Garden Bazaar

    • Hahaha! Jag måste kolla lite mer på småfolket här känner jag. Utröna huruvida de kan resa sig upp eller ej.

  1. Alla foto så bra. Men på sätt och vis gillade jag poliserna bäst… De ger uttryck för många olika känslor men ingen som ger mig känslan av en service-minded myndighet… 🙂

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